Sunday, October 21, 2007

Exactly How Free is Sexual Freedom?

Repealing Section 377A may seem the right thing to do. Fighting for another's rights is often a noble thing. However, not all freedoms lead to the greater good.

Before you sign away your support to repeal Section 377A please consider how this impacts the institution of family.

1. Countries that have repealed laws preserving the definition of normal or natural sexual behaviour (based on the biological function of sex) have had to repeal laws preserving the definition of matrimonial union.

2. By legitimizing and celebrating alternative lifestyles, marriage loses its value as an institution that advocates for the family unit. With alternative lifestyles eventually enshrined in marriage, children or childbearing lose their unique place in the definition of family. A repeal of Section 377A WILL affect the foundation of family as we know it.

Let’s champion freedoms but not at the expense of family.

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Understand more
Stanley Kurtz examines these trends in the Netherlands as early as 2004. The Right of Children to receive an upbringing in a stable, complete and intact family is being eroded in such communities even as the decade-long campaign for same-sex marriage in the Netherlands helped break apart the relationship between marriage and parenthood. Read

Kurtz describes how Dutch parents have begun to cohabit in increasing numbers, and a dramatic rise in out-of-wedlock births. As cohabiting parents break up at two to three times the rate of married parents, so too is an increase in children living with solo mothers in fatherless homes.

What about equality?
The argument has long been debunked that sexual orientation can neither be influenced nor altered (ironically declaring that there is no such thing as human freedom in determining sexuality). To cite a recent concession by gay activist Roberta Sklar (Aug 2007): "young women see sexuality as a fluid thing... the boundaries are not hard set," and early choices of gender may not be a "fixed path." Read

Repeal is not about equality as much as licensing new freedoms that carry inherent dangers. Legislation should work to maximise individual freedoms, but in the interest of the public good.

How long is this media education campaign running? And why?
The 'Families Petition' and voting on this blog will stay open until 09 Aug 2015 (when we turn 50). The recent campaign to repeal Section 377A has shown how voters are generally thinking (or not thinking) on the core issues. Many who support repeal have been led to believe "It's about equality" or simply about righting a social injustice. On both sides, public education is needed.

"I think section 377A should stay. Call me double standard, but im alright with lesbianism. Cos i understand that sometimes guys cant be sensitive and caring partners which les can. But male gays, i jus dont see a similar justification." (For retaining 377A)

"its about is around and though it may be not "right", the fact that 2 people love each other, it is real. By having the law, we are discriminating and who knows, history might repeat itself." (For repealing 377A)

Underlying issues and considerations in legislative decisions are often obscured by the media. Democracy works best when voters are fully educated on the multiple facets of an issue. Invite your friends and family to debate further, and consider the vaunted place family - and children - should continue to have in our society.

Where next to look?
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What does it all mean?
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FamilyoverFreedom said...

If you are led to review your position on repealing 377A please post your thoughts below.

David Saw said...

I gladly stand for family rather than repealing 377A. I agree that repealing 377A is going in the wrong direction, going down a slippery slope, leading to societal chaos, and gender identity and gender role confusion for our next generation and the generations beyond.

For the sake of our children and our children's children, we need to make our stand known beyond all doubt: a man and a woman is the only foundation for marriage and family, and such a family is the only solid foundational unit for a wholesome society.

Let acceptance and compassion flow for all, but let not unnatural sexuality be approved or endorsed, lest the young be trapped in a morass of deceptive teachings and propaganda on 'alternative lifestyles.'

We can accept a person as a fellow human being worthy of being loved, but we need not accept his beliefs and practices as well, just to accept him as a person.

Anonymous said...

before u vote for repeal .. have u had been the victim, when you are child, of someone older stonger ?? it scary I can assure you..